London, UK!

When Jill and Kate announced they had managed to work out 2 shows here in the UK, we freaked out, majorly. It’s something we’ve nagged on to them about for the past 6 years….of course we appreciated how hard it would be for them to organise and get it all sorted but we still wanted them to know how much we loved them and wanted to see them live as Jill&kate.

As the dates were announced we were thrown into panic. It was less than 2 weeks. After much organising, we all finally found out we were able to attend both of the shows. Of course that wasn’t the end of it…we were suddenly faced with the threat of a UK snow storm. What?!? Safe to say we were all cursing our unpredictable weather. The day before the show was full panic ahead as we were on snow watch. Despite the snow, flights, my car breaking down and AnaKellya driving into Buckingham palace…we all made it to the first UK Jill&Kate show. It was definitely, definitely worth the 6 year wait. Those two days were definitely two of the best days I’ve had in my life and it was all thanks to Jill, Kate and amazing friends. There’s so much to say, so many videos and photos to show but Jen and I decided putting a little video together would be the easiest way. We are still going to post a master list of all our videos and photos for you too see as well…but for now, enjoy.

Love Lauren, x

Jill & Kate – London


Stage it 2013!

Hi everyone!

Firstly we hope that you had an amazing christmas and new year! Tomorrow, Thursday 3rd January, Jill and Kate are playing their first stageit show of 2013. You can purchase tickets here:

We have our tickets ready…hope to see you there!

Love, Lauren ‘Elle’ & Jen

When it don’t come easy

On the 20th October 2012 Jill and Kate performed their final show as part of Kelly Clarkson’s band. Watch below¬† to see the amazing¬† performance the girls did with Kelly.